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Final picture from the Bluetits

The Welsh Winter Swim

It was the first of the Love Swim Run events with a brand new and fun swim in the chilly waters of Llyn Padarn

Snowdon looked over over 100 swimmers, competing in The Welsh Winter Swim which included short individual races of 50-250m and a tough 500m endurance challenge.

Only one photographer from SportpicturesCymru was needed as it was only a short race, but it was still an early start and plenty of layers as it was probably colder outside than it was in the water!!

I arrived in Llanberis in plenty of time and found myself sitting with a group of lovely women from the The Bluetits Chill Swim. They were raising awareness for breast cancer, so we took the opportunity to take some photographs and also arranged a group shot at the end.

Most of the people who took part were women and I have to really admire all of them as they entered the 6 degree Llyn Padarn in the swimming costumes, really tough ladies.

Pictures of the day can bee seen on the SportpicturesCymru galleries here.

The next swim will be at Llyn Tegid on the 6th June 2020, see you there. 

Love Swim Run Hat Competition

Love Swim Run - 5020 - SPC_2338
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