Run 4All Neath Santa Dash - 5000 - SPC_8450

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At this time of year, we like to go down to Cardiff and see a couple of shows and it coincides with the Run 4 All Neath Santa run at Aberafon. We’d registered early, but unfortunately, my wife, Wendy, had sustained a stress fracture on her right foot, which has stopped her from doing anything much for the past six weeks. I’d registered under the name os Sion, wheres Wendy had registered in the name of Corn. If you add both together to get Sion Corn and you may know that this is the Welsh name for Father Christmas. It was great to see that the ladies at registration realised this when they pulled out our numbers. So, it was off, for me at least, to run the 5K along the sea front at Aberafon, without my running buddy.

A bonus however for all you runners, was that Wendy got to take some great photos of the day and also, we happy to say we’ll offer them at a 50% discount. So, if you enter SionCorn at checkout, you’ll be able to get your photographs at a discounted price. May we take this opportunity to wish you Nadolig Llawen, a Merry Christmas and we hope to see everyone again next year.

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