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Set-up in 2021, the Geraint Thomas Cycling Trust (GTCT) is here so that ‘Every Young Person can enjoy the spirit of cycling by participating in cycling regardless of their individual circumstances.’

Today, more than ever, cycling is recognised as a force for good. The benefits of cycling are proven to aid both physical and mental health. Cycling helps build independence, confidence, it provides family with an opportunity to exercise together, friendships are formed all whilst building personal mental resilience. And importantly, it positively contributes to Government targets of more active travel which in turn helps the environment.

But whilst we recognise that cycling provides many benefits, there are still many barriers preventing young people from taking part in cycling. These include the affordability of bikes, skills to repair bikes, basic safety equipment, safe storage, knowledge of how to ride safely and accessibility to opportunities to ride Also, cycling needs to be widened to a more diverse audience, ensuring young people from all protected characteristics and social backgrounds are given the opportunity to participate. But this is where the GTCT comes in.

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